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Miko Artist of MikoArts M K Olivares w Gia 1Greetings!
I'm Michael, your Pet Painting Artist!

My Pet-Portraiture art began while helping 24/7 fostering dogs. Often just days earlier rescued from the city pound, their emotional and intuitive impact and gifts to our lives, changed my art.

Time with dogs and animals transformed my heart perception and ultimately, inspiration. Dogs helped me feel deeper for Life,  people, and my art making, than I ever had before.



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Some of my Pet Portraits

Gia the foster rescue has many jobs. She guards houses. She makes sure mailmen tie their shoes. She teaches new foster dogs "STICK!." She coaches...

Sanford and Herschie the rescue puppies lay huddled next to each other, eagerly awaiting their rescue-momma's arrival from work, ready to jump up...

One particular Summer day in Alaska, while JoJo was wandering with his Human-Momma through various trails and thickets, they came to a particular...


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Some of my Coloring Pages

A Butterfly is aloft, amongst the mountains of the Moab desert, gracefully riding the autumn winds rising up from the thermal energy warming the air...

A Seahorse momentarily stops and relaxes, deep underneath the sea, dwelling deep within a special canyon only it knows of, surrounded by all the...

A Robin takes flight, into the vast and expansive Summer sky, off to find food and perhaps more twigs leaves and branches to add to their nest. They...

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