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So, Why Dogs?

Doing portraits of people's dogs cats and pets is one of most rewarding types of art I do. I’ve always loved drawing and painting my own ideas, but animals are much more than ideas - They're individual beings who each can break-above our emotional boundaries. And that's exactly what feeds the Artist’s Soul.

"Dogs cats and people's pets make the best artist's subjects."

Animals are so expressive, they're the absolutely best subject for a painting. You can often feel their energy while making art from their just their photo. Getting nourished emotionally by the work itself, that's a huge blessing for an artist.

Starting a two rescue dog two-canvas portrait by Miko M K Olivares MikoArts
I'm starting Sanford's canvas in pencil and brush. (Click Pic for More)

"Painting animals is like a psychic experience."

Seeing the picture of the dog or cat or other animal in the collector’s life, starts to fill you with the same emotions in that picture, almost like you were there. It’s almost like a psychic experience with the animals.

When Did I Start Doing Dog Art?

I did a few animal portraits for fans back before the lockdown, but not as my primary focus in art. Sometimes a fan at an artshow or coffee shop would ask me to do a pet portrait, which were fun but I wasn't aware of the deep meaning that really was calling to me when I did these paintings. I had a lot to learn yet, in an emotional and intuitive way.

Dog Cat Family Portrait on 4 Canvases by Miko M K Olivares MikoArts A
Four family-pet-portraits done each on a seperate canvas of their animals on their favorite tree. (Click Pic for More)

"I learned that dogs are so much more than accoutraments."

In 2016 I was asked to help a friend with a city Dog Foster Program, and quickly ended up spending all my time, 24/7, in dog's lives. Walking in the morning, taking them to the vet for spaying or neutering, training and feeing them, introducing them to new dogs and potential new familes. All that interaction really opened up something in me that I hadn't felt in my past as an artist.

Dog Kisses from Gia the Rescue Dog to Miko M K Olivares
Gia plants surprise dog kisses on me (Click Pic for More)

Dogs, I was realizing, were so much more than an accoutrament - They really are friends, allies, protectors, pals, and lifelong companions. 

What goes through your mind while painting dogs?

Rescue Puppy Foster Dora M K Olivares MikoArts 1
Dora gets her first day out with her new Rescue Foster Family, with Gia helping guide her! (Click Pic for More)

I think of all the love between the people at the rescue groups and the furry lives they save. I think of the foster families that keep them safe. And most important, I think of their Forever Homes and the huge Love they bring into that person or family’s life. It’s the best thing ever, really.

"When I felt the Love I and other people have working to rescue death-row animals, it really melted me."


Helping with Doggy Foster Families started all of it. I never knew that there are groups of people in many cities who spend almost all their time helping rescue animals from the local city dog pounds.

Rescue Foster Polly being picked up from a doggy socialization workshop.
Polly just passed her final Doggy Socialization Workshop, and is now ready to join the Foster Home Pack! (Click Pic for More)


Do you have a favorite of all the dogs you've met? 

Dogs and animals are too unique and different to have favorites. But some definitely standout with their memorable features.

Maybe the best way I think about it is how dogs interact and lead other dogs. And that would make Gia one of the most memorable, because she always takes charge and the rest of the dogs at the park tend to follow her lead. 

IMG 7305 Gia on Couch with Bowl in Mouth 1
This is Gia the Rescue Foster doggy wanting seconds... (Click Pic for More)

"What's really cool is seeing how a dog will help socialize other dogs."

She both cares for and teaches, almost every dog that she encounters. For being so spunky, she's got this incredible tender and social side that really shines.

Two Rescue Shelter Dogs Playing with Stick Photo by Miko M K Olivares MikoArts A
Gia is teaching a new Foster Rescue exactly how to play "STICK!" at a local dog park. (Click Pic for More)

What really touched me first about her was how she helped nurture new dogs into homes when they first came out of shelters. I’d never realized there were such complex qualities in dogs as such diverse and unique ways of caring for each other.


How can someone get a Pet Portrait from you?

Super easy. I've got a very simple order form on the front of my site, and, I have a Contact Me Form here too. Both of them have file upload buttons, so you can just take a picture with your phone and send it with a message, or upload a picture with instant, secure payment. I'll contact you within the day to start your order!

Pet Portrait Demo on 5x7 Canvas by Miko, M.K. Olivares at MikoArts

This is me doing a foster pet rescue portrait, in my studio. I'm painting from picture, onto a primed canvas. (Click Pic for More)


"I'm really easy to work with. I both love making art and I get totally inspired by people's stories for paintings. It's a win-win!"

Just go to my "Get Your Pet Portrait Link" at the very top on on my home page if you want to quickly order a 5x7 Pet Painting or a 9x12 Pet Painting, all done on canvas and they come with 5 coloring pages for you your friends and family. 

If you want something more specific, pick the "Other" dropdown-option on the front page form, or use my Contact Miko page and just tell me about your idea and send me some pics. We'll get talking and make something really memorable for you and your Dog, Cat, or other loved-member of your family. 

Pet Portrait Demo on 5x7 Canvas by Miko, M.K. Olivares at MikoArts
This is me doing a foster pet rescue portrait, in my studio. I'm painting from picture, onto a primed canvas. (Click Pic for More)


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