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My artwork, paintings, and illustrations are all inspired by what's beautiful in the world. An instant fan of the famous Rennaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci since seeing his sketches when I was in third grade, his approach to bringing the invisible world of thoughts, design, and poetry to life with pencil and ink has been one of my lasting artistic inspirations

Smiling at top of Southwest Sandia Mountain La Luz Trail Overlooking Albuquerque New Mexico A1I'm Miko

I've been making art all my life, everyday practicing and understanding my own painting-making. Bringing the professional services of illustration, logo and branding to Creative Professionals who need an artist with great listening skills is a great joy to me. To hear their creative needs and work to fulfill them, is what makes life completely worthwhile.

Art Shows, Painting and Style

UNM Christmast Holiday Craftsfair Student Ballroom Campus Custom Art Display Built by Miko Zen Photo Art by MikoArts A 1 1I've produced over 30 art shows since my first show, working concurrently in my early art career as a graphic designer for Kinko's (What Fed Ex Office used to be called). I worked at Art Carved Rings where I headed-up the heraldry ring department meeting with our top-tier clients and creating their customized Heraldry Ring designs. I've worked for commercial presses devoloping roller offset plates for commercial manufacturing, and newspapers laying up ads and other graphics for daily editions. 

I went to college for Math and English, and only by the strangest twists of fate, would I be invited to hang my first show because another artist didn't show up. I had a small body of paintings barely passable, but they weren't torn, so that was a plus.

Gradually I learned show after show that art creating was provoking me to grow as a person who did a real job for people that had both immediate and long term reward - Art making was helping me bridge my own creativity and problem solving skills, into ways that actually benefitted and helped other people. Everything I learn in art, helps others just as much as it helps me.


Alicia Ultan BeBe La La Indie Folk Duo of Albuquerque Highwire Smiling with Album Cover Across the Universe Proofs Designed and Hand Made by Miko Zen MikoArts A 1Doing shows early on, no matter how rough or unexperienced I was, brought me to meet new people who loved art and were wanting and willing to talk about it. These shows were where I began meeting people who truly taught me the value of art making, bridging the gap between "Commercial" and "Fine" art. That was something none of my art school graduate friends even really knew much about, so I felt another level of gratitude and luckiness, just for that one answer being gradually answered.

Creating artwork for both myself, and for people whose lives were naturally appreciative and wanting art, inspired me. People that loved the everday creative process artists experience, people who were vocal and expressive about how a work of art, a painting or a sketch, moved them emotinally or stimulated them intellectually. Meeting people with these creative values and sensitivities to life really made me want more of that. I began knowing more and more that this was the way I wanted to live - Both creatively dedicated and useful for people.  

Art Studio Fluffy Kitty Cat Hanging Out While Leaf Pattern Artwork Made Photo Art by Miko Zen MikoArts A 1 1

I make art with any medium which attracts me. If I had gone to school for art, I might be what someone would call a multimedia artist, but then I would wonder what would happen if I accidentally painted 75% of my paintings for a year in watercolor. Would I then become a watercolorist? Sometimes I use acrylic paint as the foundational transparent color layerings for what ultimately will be finished in oil. Would I be an experimental artist? Or a semi traditional one? Is acrylic paint still a space age medium, or has it been long enough since Jackson Pollock that it's now a modern or even classic medium? Ahh, nomenclature. The only art supply I tend to avoid ????

Painting Abstract Leaf Patterns on Steel Panels at Studio Designed and Hand Made Art by Miko Zen MikoArts A 1

An art medium that inspires me often, is seeing and using natural leaves from the Southwest landscape. Its sage, its thistle, its wildflowers and other branches found along the river or in wide open plains. Sometimes I pick them and press them in a book and safeguard them in my backpack while bicycling along the river. Sometimes I just carry them in my hand back to my studio on a walk back from the store. I press them between Alibis or other papers and stack bricks to flatten them, and a few days later, we explore.

Hanging Paintings at Ragin Shrimp Restaurant Gallery Nob Hill 2010 Albuquerque Showing Miko Paintings Art by Miko Zen MikoArts A 1

I love the patterns that are captured in hypnotic layerings when I spray multiple layers of spray paint or airbrush through them, leaving multifoliate and infinite layered dimensions of densities and pigments on the surface. They quite literally, trip me out. Sort of like classical music, but in a visual sense.

My Illustrative Artwork 

Painting Alicia and Maryse BeBe La La Indie Folk Duo of Albuquerque Highwire Album Cover Across the Universe Designed and Hand Made by Miko Zen MikoArts A 4is inspired by positivity in communication. Creative Professionals like storefront owners who need signage for their businesses. Dance studios needing logos for their promo cards and mailers, watermarked or processed images for their websites, and Facebook pages. Musicians needing album covers that instantly communicate the spirit of their creative vision. These are some of the clients who I've helped turn ideas into an articulate and well crafted picture. 

I put just as much effort into creating a commercial artwork and graphic design for someone as I do my own painting. To me, they both come from the same place, because a Creative Professional is inspired by the exact same thing I'm inspired by. Beauty in design, Truth to the mission (statement), and Love for what we both do. It's the formula that's been working since the Rennaissance!

Logos, Branding, Portraits and Love

are what happens so naturally in a creative flow, that really listening to people is what I'd say is my most important artistic skill. There aren't any rules in design more important than what a customer wants. Letting you speak and be listened to creates a resonance that reveals more of what you see as your brand, and it's my job to punctuate each step of the process with a visual stepping stone, a picture, a sketch. The more of these we create, the more your brand is refined, and the more confident you feel taking care of your other business details. Now with more confidence, because your vision is in your hands, quite literally - In whatever form of art, traditional or technological, that your business needs.

As my artwork continues, I not only find daily pleasure from the work I do to organize my paintings here in my online gallery for you, along with all their stories, but I also work daily with clients helping them with their own website work, and concurrently with their commercial art needs. Seeing my clients who are Creative Professionals succeed in everything from their day to day business, but also to their newly launched crowd source like GoFundMe and Kickstarter campaigns, is truly something that reconnects me to my own childhood joy - Seeing people really happy and successful. 

Alicia and Maryse BeBe La La Indie Folk Duo of Albuquerque Happy with GoFundme Kickstarter Merch Designed and Hand Made by Miko Zen MikoArts A 1 

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