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Here's a place where you can share my experiences and successes as an artist, things I learn, ways I grow, and as always, get to see all the paintings illustrations and photographs I take and share with you from my art life.

Java Joes Coffee House Downtown Albuquerque Showing Miko Paintings Art by Miko Zen MikoArts A 1Artwork and Artshows I Produce

One of the most important parts of my life as an artist, is of course, my paintings themselves. Making sure that you have a place to come and see what I've been working on, where I'm at in my creative process and flow, what's inspiring my creativity and read the stories behind each of my paintings, is the most important thing to give you as my art collector. 

I've been very lucky to have been invited to my first show at a little cafe in Texas in 1995, and always met the most supportive people along the way who would give me better advice than I had before, and encouraged me to keep going forward. 

Between making paintings and assisting Creative Professionals with artwork they need, or finishing commissioned works of art, I roadtrip across the Southwest and around this beautiful country, visiting places that my childhood hero, my Grandfather Joe, probably only dreamed about when he brought his family to the United States. I write about my experiences, and amidst uploading paintings here for you to see, I write my Artist's Blog, which includes things I'm grateful about. Those things help me with the creative process, and the more people I meet and share real life stories with, the more I appreciate the gratitude of their lives that people share with me. 

My Paintings, Art, and Creative Life

Painting Surreal Artwork Trouble with Enlightenment in Studio Hand Made by Miko Zen MikoArts A 2is what I'm regularly hanging here on these digital walls for you. Whether it's artwork and stories that my visions and artwork are intrinsically intermingled with, or just showing you the latest colorful exploration I've returned from - This is where I'm at, searching for what's inspiring about life and stirring its magical couldron with brushes, pastels, and pigment.

It could be Southwest landscapes, colorful abstracts inspired by Albuquerque's very own Balloon Fiesta, or photographs from my sojourns into the Canyonlands. It could be photographs from a bicylce ride through the Rio Grande River Valley, it could be the surreal landscape of just splahes of ink which somehow magically transformed into a painting in its own right. Whenever my inspiration and art media meet, there will be something new and inspirational here for you to enjoy.

Collecting My Artwork

At my in-person shows I always make very clear placards with my paintings, showing you their individual titles, prices, and contact information. I get back in touch with you the same day to make sure you get the artwork from my show that you desired. Now, in this amazing online Art Collector World online, I've kept that same standard here.

Under my paintings, look for a little  "Prints Framed Prints and Art Gifts for Home Office Friends Gifts at Miko Zen Artwork Gifts Prints Paintings at the Love Art Shop MikoArts Studio Gifts" link - That opens up the purchase window. 
Just pick your favorite medium and options, add to cart, and you're done! (The checkout button is in the same window)

Fine Art America prints of some of my paintings

A living room with three of my museum quality framed prints hanging over a blue couch. The artworks are a Feeding Angels, a hummingbird painting. Blue Cat Not Say, a blue cat painting, and Odin Gets a Treat!, a painting of a little Pit Bull Puppy eating an ice cream cone.Feeding Angels, Blue Cat Not SayOdin Gets a Treat!

Fine Art America is the world's most reliable and versatile laison between artists and myself, and their standards both in the quality of museum-quality framed prints they create for you, and their turnaround time and 30 day guarantee on all your purchases, made me absolutely trust them in providing my artwork directly to you. Partnering with them means that you get to purchase my art, 24/7, year round and for every holiday occassion, or just for yourself, and know you'll receive your artwork from my Love Art Shop, within the week. 

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