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Abstract art is the original style of art I began sketching, desiging and painting, and continues to grow in themes and styles.

I hope you enjoy, and, if you have any questions or inquires, reach out on
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My Grandfather's Ghost, Abstract Painting

A pen gently traces through the memories of one's Grandfather, to follow steps of recollection into a city full of memories adventures loves and longings - All while colors cascade for one brief glimpse of a moment in time, where an ancestor walked through the city street...

Desert Starscape, Southwest Painting

In a sudden Van Gogh-esque' starlit play, the vibrant lights of a Southwest night spiral and swirl, flicker and whirl, all above the undulating rhythm of the ocean of rolling sage brushes, each their own delightful spectator in the orchestra above...

Dream Like Sky (Sunset), Abstract Balloon Painting

Amplifying all the other feelings you get from the Hot Air Festival, the uplift, energy, and dreaminess, there's the luminous and other-wordly night time. The pilots burn their mighty torches, turning these other-worldly airships into emotionally-electric works of art. But before then, the sun sets, and its light kisses these artful airships in everlasting ways...

Mother and Child, Figurative Painting

Embraced by, and embracing-with, a singular intention like an innocent inked line, a mother both holds her child and is held by her child, within an eternal cascade of primal and uplifting energies, exuding in both colors and darkness, holding a light in their solemn space...

Electron Butterflies, Symbolic Painting

Almost as if a dream, our vision's sensitivity rises higher, into a space where shapes of familiar, transforming silhouettes take flight amongst our thoughts, revealing they too are aware of us, in this dance of metamorphosis...

Dream Like Sky (Sunrise), Abstract Balloon Painting

Amidst a gently gawking crowd, air itself lifts higher, freeing our visions with its own entrapment, magically revealing the power of energy and relationsip to lift us skyward, where imagination truly becomes a living dream. This is my feeling of watching the Ballons in the sunrise light, reflecting intensely off them...

Vivisection of Flight, Figurative Painting

With wings one finds themselves over a rocky precipice, between the expanse of ever-falling sky, and a ground which gives them temporary rest. A line of ink reveals the mysteries, encrypted in color, which lift the willing, into Destiny's reach...

Morning Walk, Abstract Painting

Sunlight's first bright sparkle upon one's eyes, fracturing through leaves and prismatically unfurling down upon us the emanations of some cosmic source of bounty, replenishing us for the day ahead, well fed with this mysterious and abundant light...

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