A Reiki Gratitude Painting, Abundance

A Digital Painting of Reiki.. Abundance

Two hands finally open up to receive the bounty and abundance of the Cosmos, flooding down to them from a sun and eye and moon as a cosmic benefactor in all the vivid lavish colors of rainbow light. {pinit} 
Energy in the form of colors and light, internally spinning with their own emblazoned oceans of currents like ball lightening plasma shine down, bringing what was once out of reach, directly to our hands.

Geometric patterns, sacred spaces interlace and tessalate across whole cosmoses, attracted naturally to those that seek and those that see, especially when ready to receive.

 Painting the Invisible Energy of Reiki

came naturally to me, since ever as a child I've seen the world with wonder and amazement. That healing energy flows invisibly, is almost exactly like light itself - Light is invisible until it strikes an object, and is perceived by our eyes. Arguably, light is both invisible, and everywhere. Even something trapped in an enclosed room is emanating infrared energy, light particles which are vibrating at a frequency too low for our eyes to detect, but it's still there.

Reiki is Art - But in an uncommon medium.

Trying to capture the essence of Reiki in a painting, I wondered often about many different metaphors like flowers and animals and energy patterns. Ultimately, I thought that at its very essence, it begins with the decision to accept the abundance of Energy that comprises the Universe, and radiates down through our surrounding stars and planets, sharing itself with Earth and all her inhabitants. Hands! They have to willfully open, to receive it first.








A Cool Hand Painting Video I found

which I love since it reminds me of Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel scene, “The Creation of Adam.” This one shows the artist Celia Gallego painting two hands reaching toward each other and touching fingers, an entrancing Speed Painting!

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