An Abstract Female Painting, Angel of God's Eye

An Acrylic Painting.. Angel of God's Eye

An abstract angel reclines in golden iridescent surreal light, a prayer of God himself for such a beautiful creature to exist. {pinit} 
depicts her awaiting a new mission either to intercede, protect, Love, or inspire. She lays in fantastic swirls of the miraculous forces with which she shall carry out a divine wish.

A woman very possibly either Mary the biblical mother of Jesus or Mary Magdalene, the woman who was so moved by Jesus that she washed his feet with her hair. But perhaps not a woman at all. Perhaps a cosmic feminine energy who watches.

Perhaps an electrodynamically charged strand of cosmological force and intent that emanates through all of known and unknown space, only representable to my own brain and motion of muscles hands brush and paint as some continuity of motion in one line, with colors representing energy and possibilities of emotion, perception and possibilities.


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Angel of God's Eye


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