Art Gift Shop

Art Gift Shop

By popular request, this is where you can shop for my art gifts and merch, all custom by me & from all of my own artwork. 

If you're looking for something and want me to make something for you, let me know on
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Rainbow Ukulele, Mural 5x7 Greeting Cards

You'll absolutely love sending any of your Southwest loved-ones a card of Albuquerque's famous "Rainbow Ukulele Mural," an eternal memento of the colorful counter-culture city that lays near the heart of New Mexico!

Morning Walk, Sunlight 5x7 Greeting Cards

The abstract leaves prismatically washed in soothing morning sunlight are a perfect surprise when receiving letters, and such a healing experience when sending their intention to our friends and family!

Mother and Child, Motherhood 5x7 Greeting Cards

"Mother and Child" is one of my most endeared paintings, not just for my mom, but for all the seven women in my family and all the maternal love that I got to experience growing up. I made this card from my original painting to celebrate those sweeping, somber, and synergistic feelings that pass powerfully from all mothers, and back from us, their grateful and loving children!

Happy as Honey, Pug Pup 5x7 Greeting Cards

If pugs just grab your heart with their cavorting and frolicking and investigating and all the ways they guard and inquire about everything you do, this card made from HoneyBadger the Pug is certainly something your doggie-card-loving heart will certainly love!

Desert Starscape, Southwest Desert 5x7 Greeting Cards

This art card is all about your memories and fondness of the Southwest Desert sky, and those stars and colors inspired me to paint "Desert Starscape," which I've just recently made into these colorful mementos for your desert journey!

Chasing Miracles, Loofah 5x7 Greeting Cards

This was the first outreaches of the Summer's Loofah garden, the vines adventuring their way up the custom trellis made for them.. This card from my photo "Chasing Miracles" captures that inexplicable longing they illustrate, once given just one little chance of soil and water, how a being reaches for the greatest possible height! 

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