A Van Gogh Kitty Painting... Blue Cat Not Say

Van Gogh Style Painting.. Blue Cat Not Say

Blue Cat sits staring. Blue Cat sits watching. {pinit} 

Blue Cat want something.

Blue Cat not say.

Blue Cat not care if you paint or not say.

Blue Cat sees something. Blue Cat look deep.

Blue Cat abstractly casts colors in eyes as brush sweeps.


Painted in Heavy Body Acrylic Gel for texture and depth

Artwork in Progress Painting Demo Blue Cat Not Say Art by Miko Arts 2

Blue Cat Not Say is a portrait of the studio cat who loves to visit while I work on my daily paintings. Jinx is his name and in the right light his coat shines so deep that he appears to be the most haunting cobalt and cerulean blues, at just the right moments of high desert dawn light. I could never get him in a photograph at these moments when he'd come and hang out while I worked, so I decided that the only way to paint this peculiar little kitty was to use my memory and work on his portrait in little stages. 





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Blue Cat Not Say

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