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My Hand Drawn Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages are one of the ways I get to transform my art into timeless gifts for our inspiration, art-making, relaxation and learning.

I hope you enjoy, and, if you have any questions or inquires, reach out on
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Kestrel in Canyon Coloring Page

A Kestrel soars high above the vast expanse of a Southwest New Mexico desert, in search of food, water, and play. Infinite possibilities yet to explore in flight and color during this beautiful bird's day!

JoJo the Heeler's Coloring Page

JoJo the Blue Heeler is so happy to be partners with his amazing Human-Momma! He can't wait to go scampering and running and sniffing and exploring amongst the wild mountains of Alaska, but first, they must make a pact amongst their sunflower garden!

Desert of Surprises Coloring Page

A hummingbird, an oryx, a horned owl, and other wildlife of the Southwest, from its big game all the way to its river-dwelling snake, gather in a wide expanse of the desert, surprising us with its diversity of animal life, magestic clouds and canyons!

Hello Seahorse! Coloring Page

A Seahorse momentarily stops and relaxes, deep underneath the sea, dwelling deep within a special canyon only it knows of, surrounded by all the coral and anemone friends she's made in her new underwater home...

Butterfly Canyons Coloring Page

A Butterfly is aloft, amongst the mountains of the Moab desert, gracefully riding the autumn winds rising up from the thermal energy warming the air from the mesas below... With its whole day ahead of it, there are too many opportunities to explore at once!

Hummingbird Solstice Coloring Page

A hummingbird seems, on Summer Solstice, to nonchalantly investigate the nectars and treats amongst a wild garden of sunflowers. Is this creature aware of all the ways its vibrations of wings seem to marry and mingle between the emanating rays of Sunlight all the way to the very petals it flies amongst?

Yucca in Bloom Coloring Page

A solitary yucca blooms, celebrating their years of tranquilly taking in their life of the animals and neighboring plants, and all the energies they've intertwined with.. Now is its time to blossom, invite the bees and celebrate its life with a pollinating dance...

Robin Bird Coloring Page

A Robin takes flight, into the vast and expansive Summer sky, off to find food and perhaps more twigs leaves and branches to add to their nest. They have their young still in eggs to protect, and keep watch in the warm cozy home they're building!

HoneyBadger's Coloring Page

HoneyBadger's had a rough day, noodling around with his Human-Momma while they run to the local farmers' market, run to the farm, and all that runnign about which is huge for a Pug! But now, he gets to relax from a hard day, settling in on a nice comfy couch!

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