A Fresh Avocado Painting... Delicious

An Avocado Painting in Acrylic .. Delicious

Delicious Avocado Split for Guacamole Salad Impressionism Painting Art by Miko Arts Zen A 1 {pinit} 
is what I painted later that week after still blown away at the cooking skills of my friend, who ended up turning that avocado into a salad which accompanied their main dish of homemade spaghetti, sauce, and bread so freshly baked that they even showed me the container of living yeast they kept, and taught me that yes, this is the way bread was once kept amidst familes of the ancient world who baked!

But there was something about that avocado we cut open, and how we considered all the different dishes it could make, how versatile and singularly beautiful it was in the window sunlight, and how it was almost reptilian, with that rugged skin. We laughed about how it's technically a fruit, but that wouldn't ever go over well telling anyone that. We suggested vegetable but it just doesn't fit thinking that way either. 

The only thing we ultimately could agree on calling it, was, delicious!



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