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My Dog Cat & Pet Art

Dogs Cats and Animal paintings are some of the most enjoyable and expressive art I feel so blessed to make.

I hope you enjoy, and, if you have any questions or inquires, reach out on
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Sanford Chillin', a Rescue Dog Portrait

Sanford and his brother Whiskey are sitting in the kitchen, Whiskey strategically planted in the doorway, and both of them so rescue-Mom has no choice but to look into those hypnotizing eyes when she arrives... There's no telling who will be more excited first to see her, ready for the snacks and walk!

Look Who Arrived!, a Rescue Dog Portrait

Sanford and Herschie the rescue puppies lay huddled next to each other, eagerly awaiting their rescue-momma's arrival from work, ready to jump up and surprise her with all sorts of shakes and jumps and wiggles from the day.....

Rescue Puppy Painting, "Jake's Big Morning."

Jake has just recovered from all the trials a Rescue Foster goes through: Visits to the vets for shots and neutering, and the biggie, his doggy-good-behavior workshop to make sure he's good around other dogs... Well this is his first day out, and he couldn't have made a better impression on the trail, looking like the ancient hunter he is!

Happy as Honey, a Portrait of a Pug

HoneyBadger the Pug has had a long day! Scampering around town with Human-Momma jumping up and down from the SUV into friend's houses, flower bushes, kitchens, then back in car and through town to Whole Foods and farm and more friends, and finally, Honey the Pug gets to jump up on a nice soft velvety couch and relax from a busy day!

Rescue Puppy Painting, "Odin Gets a Treat."

Odin and his Rescue Dad walked into the Dunkin’ Donuts on Central where I was sketching one night, and sat down at the table near me. His owner began telling me the horrendous tale the night Odin was rescued, while I began this painting! 

Foster Dog Portrait, "Almost Free."

Gia is a veteran Foster Doggie in this pet portrait, having welcomed several other pups to the house even while she was being fostered - Perhaps one of her superpowers is how determined she is every day to catch a squirrel rabbit turkey or anything that's at a park ... Even Swallows respect her gaze!

Blue Heeler Portrait, "Flower Patch Friends."

One particular Summer day in Alaska, while JoJo was wandering with his Human-Momma through various trails and thickets, they came to a particular flower patch. He jumped up, put his paw in Momma's hand, and beamed love and foreverness with his best human friend...

Rescue Puppy Portrait, "First Play Day."

Dora the Pyranese Rescue Puppy has just recovered from several weeks of the initial shock of leaving the pound, getting to her Doggy Foster Home, getting all her vet visits and spaying, and is finally recovered enough to get off leash at one of the Rescue-Gang's favorite dog parks...

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