A Southwest Sunset Pic... Double Rainbow, Utah Canyonlands

A Canyonlands Panorama .. Double Rainbow

Canyonlands Double Rainbow Photo Art by Miko Arts A
One of the treasures of the majestic Southwest is the Canyonlands, and the part we first camped out in was in the heart of the Utah Canyonlands, close to Horseshoe and the Barrier Canyon Region. 

Driving out from Albuquerque, the road trip was picture perfect in itself, losing ourselves in the hypnotizing fading out of civilization little by little as a hundred noisey buildings and a thousand honking cars drops down to half that much, every hundred miles, until gradually, you find yourself on a road where a coyote or a roadrunner might be seen running across the asphalt, or hopping through the sage brush. 

We drove straight to a long-kept secret campsite, known to few, and set up after a full day's drive, and tucked ourselves in for the night on our sandstone-perched tents, feelign the wind spin in the night foretellign the rains yet to come. 

This Double Rainbow that greeted us come morning, emerging spectacularly as we all sat down to take the first sip of our coffee, seemed to reach across the entire landscape, across every beautiful canyon of the Southwest. Like a doorway into the next four weeks of our lives, letting us know our adventure was welcomed, and there was no place better to be. 



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Canyonlands Double Rainbow

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