A Surreal Portrait Painting, Dream of All My Mothers

A Jungian Oil Painting.. Dream of All My Mothers

Abstract, bright painting of a woman holding newborn baby called Mother and Child. Art by Miko at the Love Art Shop.

A labyrinth of a woman's own mystery, her own splitting into her own mother, and her own mother's mother, into a fluid dream of past lives and histories multifoliate like the very tree of Life itself. A decadent dream, an awakening envisioning, a surreal inner vision of the magnificence and marvelousness the Love and heartache one woman endures and triumphs over, in her being simply our one and only Mother.

My mother was dying right around the time I saw the convergence of shapes and colors and animals in my sketches that were unconsciously preparing a landscape for the animals and arteries and journeying waters that would become the background for this painting. 

The spiraling nebula is is what reminds me most of my mom, and the fish seeming to swim in the same space as the butterfly. The hovering animals give me that same dreamy sensation of my mother, that feeling I always miss, of a woman who was more powerful than any man I've ever met.



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The Dream of All My Mothers

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