A Blues Guitarist Painting, Feeling the Groove

An Acrylic Painting.. Feeling the Groove

The guitarist is on stage, the sounds of the live stage echo and pop and fizzle through the chords on the floorboards running between the mixing table and the amplifiers. {pinit} 
on the wooden stage floor, and the sounds of their fingers tapping on the fretboard and their other fingers sliding up the snakily twinging high pitched scratching of their guitar strings.

We feel it emerging from the empty space they first sat in, these sounds building up with gentle tappings then more forceful ones, mixing and intermingling with the chords progressing from the shapes they press.

They're feeling it, we're feeling it. They're building up into a song or the song is finally building us, we can't tell which as we're sitting back to be engulfed by the new thing they're making, that song up there on stage, while they're sitting back and just like us, they're feeling it, they're feeling the groove.




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Feeling the Groove


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