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Henna Body Art I've Made

Henna Body Art is a unique medium I've practiced on special occasions and brings a deep state of meditation that fulfills both me and the recipient alike. 

I hope you enjoy, and, if you have any questions or inquires, reach out on
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"Atomic Butterfly," Henna Body Art

Lavishly graceful, like winged Hope, a being filled with the Spirit of Flight and Transformation erupts from a singular dot, rising higher and higher in and through its own metamorphis, ultimately to take wing far above its place of birth...

"Aspirations at Sunrise" Henna Tattoo

Reminiscent of Ancient Customs, this Henna Tattoo brings forth a sense of Wisdom Bounty and Loyalty, with its ever arcing vines and radiant tendrils, whose gentle patterns betray a strength hidden behind the beauty...

"Asymptopia," a Henna Body Painting

Endless beauty emanating on their hand, a bead of fresh organic Henna dye grew like a vine, spiralling upon their skin and emerging in organic undulations, reaching out to the air, the sky, and beyond...

"Cactus Nectar," Henna Body Art

Transfixing, desert poetry, a buttefly lands upon a thorny Night Blooming Cereus cactus, one of the most delicate yet fierce of all the Southwest succulants. In this Henna Tattoo, a moment of free-handed beauty is captured for a moment in time, for all to feel throughout the day...

"Cellular Sojourn," Henna Body Art

Hovering, an ancient born energy radiates amidst its bearers midst, above an ocean leaping from, a primal soothing waterline nourishing new branches, emanating through every gesture, like vines tendrilling outward, to one day bring treasures of their journey back home...

"Awakener," Henna Body Art

Power and elegance with a spiritual feeling, a special kind of seed with an embryo of consciousness, transform through the wetting of their seed coat through a life's daily, determined showering of determination and grace. From a depth, it blossoms its Awareness...

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