A Moon Landscape Painting... Her Rocks, Her Water, Her Light

A Digital Painting.. Her Rocks, Her Water, Her Light

A shocking apparition of Beauty as a Magritte-Style illusion painting of a woman who is really a momentary alignment of the Celestial Moon, the ethereal Clouds, and the Terrestrial Mountains and Ocean Waters. {pinit} 
At first glance she appears to pull us in, attract and invite us, but on second glance, shows us that maybe parts of this once-believed-to-be outward journey, is really an inward one.

Maybe even a journey that is trepidatious and one that will change us should we be courageous enough to traverse the way.

A calm and alluring shoreline of an otherwise gentle bay, only becomes tempestuous when we look up, beginning to aspire.

Our journey across that water, across that dreamscape of mystery possibility and self-awakening. Inward to find outward, will be what brings answers to our deepest creative and heartfelt quest, illuminated by the very inner light which, before our own eyes opened, shone.




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Her Rocks, Her Water, Her Light


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