A Fertility God Painting, KoffeePelli

Even Southwest Gods need a Break.. KoffeePelli

CoffeePelli Kokopelli Flute Player Southwest Fertility God Impressionistic Painting Art by Miko Arts Zen A {pinit} 
Kokopelli is the fertility god. That's a hard day's work. You've got waking all the bees up in the morning then causing the winds to blow, you've got to run your energetic fingertips through every single grain of dirt in the world, which granted isn't all dirt everywhere, but it's still a lot of dirt. 

Kokopelli's got to get that done. 6am check. Then lift up the Sun. 15 till 7 on it. There's a Moon on the other side of the entire world, who has to be spoken to and directions gotten from so as to coincide with all the rules and regulations of the entire Celestial Almanac, just to make sure that things run as plan, because there's a meeting at 9am. 

So here before the entire day of colorful activities here on Earth which result in our fresh food being neatly on shelves every single day we didn't notice someone buying groceries and cooking it either at our homes or at some fast food joint or jazzy club, there was Kokopelli, making sure it all just made sure to grow that day.

But little do few know, Kokopelli's often times out on tour now, travelling the world, signing books, doing flute lectures and membership training to online crowds. That's when his loyal and trusty cousin, KoffeePelli comes in, keeping all the birds singing and the leaves blossoming all around. 

Here's a wonderful sip of coffee too, to celebrate before the fun begins.




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