A Guitar Lovers Painting, Like There Was a Song in Us

Oil Painting of Love.. Like There Was a Song in Us

Two lovers in a Rene Magritte style cutout hover over the warm chromatically vibrating floorboards, intertwined and peering to each other but simultaneosuly in their silhoeutte they're looking out and becoming the very window to a larger soul. {pinit} 
A larger soul of oceanic peace and tranquility, of balance and light with radiant moonlight shining down outside onto the entire earth out there.

A guitar sits silently but in its own silent shape it resonates with space itself, leaning against the vibrating room and the very atoms that are harmonizing, buzzing, oscillating in their invisible high energy ocean sustaining the space two lovers embrace, for this moment they feel the song they make.

...A Song in Us was one of my first oil paintings, and captivated with the poetry of the surrealists, I was and still am exploring ways of turning the music I would hear guitarists playing on the cafe patio and the clubs at night, into something that looked like the way I felt when feeling that space of resonant love.

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Like There Was a Song in Us

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