An Impressionist Music Painting, Lounge Electrika

An Acrylic Gel Pen Painting .. Lounge Electrika

Austin jazz is art itself in the Elephant Room, where surrealism music and love mix in rare Texas color! {pinit} 
Lounge Electrika's blue lights intermingle with a surreal single line to give you dancing, guitar playing, drummer and a bassist with a girl sitting in the corner creating her own dreams of what onstage star she will someday be..

One continuous line cuts through the darkness, like a mind hypnotized by the thrashing impromptu melodies of the guitar player, bass player, and the drummer's orchestrated twine of electric line.

Colors intersect in criss cross interweaved patterns of musical make believe while truncations of drumbeats shatter acoustic expectation in a way that mysteriously makes the song itself even more complete. 

I painted Lounge Electrika inspired by countless nights surrounded by some of the most talented and energetically masterful musicians that regularly meet in the downstairs prohibition style lounge, The Elephant Room in Austin Texas. All the energy feels so connected when in the midst of such talented players, I made the whole painting with one continuous line which connects at the end to reveal a singular infinite moment of music and perfection.



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Lounge Electrika

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