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Medicine Woman, Cosmic Mother

Opening up to the Universe, or is She opening up to me? And the Universe and I both turn, letting each other near the healing and tranquility that is already a part of our every day every awaking-Like a gravity that existed a billion years before definitions, a Galaxy of Candles Set Ablaze. 

A Healing Painting.. Medicine Woman, Cosmic Mother

Medicine Woman Cosmic Mother Woman Undressing Flowers Galaxy Surreal Painting Art by Miko Arts Zen A 1  
The Hope that exists in all our lives and the perspective when we realize that we are separate, yet innately connected to the candle of life that burns within us. How we can experience that Hope along with the beauty we have to bring to the World, when looking from a certain perspective in our life.

That feeling when ready to be taken up by the stars, like that feeling of upside down vertigo we get laying on our backs somewhere in the wide open plain and watching the meteors shoot by.

Medicine Woman, Cosmic mother is an evolution of another painting I did, Shape Charge for Your Soul, but in this version, the background isn't a somber black, this one the background is the stars, the Universe, the expansiveness of the wherever it truly is we want to evolve to, where we want our medicine to take us, what the name of our own Mother is for us to call her. 




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Medicine Woman, Cosmic Mother