About Miko Zen, Artist (v.0.0)

I'm an artist who sees the world as beautiful, our time on it lucky and temporary, and my life as an opportunity to try to understand as much as possible through the Jungian journey of making art and realizing its value not only to me, but to other people sharing the same journey.

I'm Miko

and I've been painting and, as my gradeschool friend Claude says, "...making pretty pictures..." ever since my little fingertips could work those sideways latches off my grandfather's shoepolish cans, and let me mess up his beautiful walls with burgundy and ochre paste.

No, I Didn't Go to Art School

Instead I thought I'd double major in Math and English since I always loved those two subjects, and didn't really see Art as requiring a degree or rigorous training. Boy was I halfway right!


My Actual, Real Art Training

has been happening all my lif, every single art show I've done, every painting I finished and scanned, every person and friend who asked me to help them with a logo or do a portrait of someone they loved. They were all teaching me the value of art in every day, everybody's life. 

I didn't realize how much I had actually been learning as an aartist until people started asking me to help them procude shows, or help them construct their own galleries.

Logos Branding Portraits and Love

are what happens so naturally in a creative flow, that really listening to people is what I'd say is my biggest art lesson. The math and English snuck in  there too, quite naturally, and when I see how happy






Painted in Oil, Across the Universe

Abstract, bright painting of a woman holding newborn baby called Mother and Child. Art by Miko at the Love Art Shop.

is a work of art depicting a woman bravely traversing not only a world, (for our world is merely just a rest stop to her), but a Universe, easily walking on nothing but a tightrope. 

Across the Universe wasn't originally going to be a painting, but instead a simple design depicting what Alicia Ultan, half of the amazing Albuquerque French-Folk-Americana singer & songwriter duo BeBe La La, had imagined for her debut album, Highwire. 

Conversations with artists of different forms and media are probably some of the most amazing creative experiences, especially when they both share a similar sense of possibility and adventure. These coffee and tea chats led to imaginitative evolotions at each meeting that built on top of each other, connecting little pieces of a vision of something completely invisible.



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Across the Universe