A Surreal Mystical Photo, Mistress of the Waterline

35mm Film Apparition .. Mistress of the Waterline

Mistress at the Waterline Pharess Ghostly Apparition of Mother Mary Figure Photo Art by Miko Arts Zen Portrait A {pinit} 
This one particular photograph sat in my collection of developed 35mm negatives for several weeks. Artwork and creativity are funny that way, there's so much intuition that's both hiding and revealing things to us in time, almost as if sometimes I feel like there's invisible spiritual and esoteric schedules where certain perceptions are revealed when the rest of Life is right.

And then, it was right. Or, more accurately, one of my sisters was hanging out with me in my studio, and saw this photo from just the right particular angle, and exclaimed how pretty a picture of a woman I had photographed.

But, it wasn't a woman, it was, or at least when I took the photo Mysterious Waterline, just the place where a calm moving creek behind the sculptor Elisabet Ney once lived, in her majestically tranquil home and art studio. 

As I looked closer, it truly was a woman, adorned in a long flowing white headdress and gown. 

Along with this woman's mystical apparition appearing in the tranquil water, there were many totem-like forms within the recesses of her body. Faces, heart like silhouettes, and other surreal movements of patterns and beings appear to hover and float within her spectacular darkness. 

Is she an angel? Is she the spirit of Elisabet Ney? Is she the Virgin Mary? Is she an Egyptian Pharaoh come to appear in the poetic Texas river shrub roots and aquatic reflections? To me she's the very person who needed to appear, in the right place, at the right time. 

This mistress of the waterline inspired me to get another roll of infrared 35mm film, and continue pursuing the beauty and apparitions of the wild and mysterious nature all around us.




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Mistress of the Waterline


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