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My Artist's Blog

My Artist Blogs are about what's really helped my artistic life. Life as an artist is a pretty magical thing, which made me want a room here in my gallery to share some of my personal and professional art discoveries and experiences with you. From mixing paint, to meaning, producing, and to possibilities.

An Artist's Life is a strange mix of both personal and professional discoveries

Some happen in the studio. Some happen at the art supply store. Others happen on a road trip trying to take a vacation and wondering if you're breaking vacation rules since you brought a sketchbook and are technically still looking for that moment of inspiration that will sneak up, that if you catch it in time, it will become a work of art. Anything that helps make better sense of this creative life of ours.


Blog Gratitude Visual Art by Miko Arts Zen H2

Our waymarkers in the grand scheme of things


Blog Inspiring Visual Art by Miko Arts Zen H

Big things we miss while working on the little things


Tips Lucky Clover Smart Beatle Tick Tac Toe Art Blog by Miko Arts Zen H

Little things that make big things easier


Lessons Fibonnacci Sequence Colorful Spiral Art Blog by Miko Arts Zen H

Art Lessons
How big and little things work together


Art Supplies Oil Paints Brushes Mediums Tool Boxes Studio Art Blog by Miko Arts Zen H

Art Supplies
All those smiley on our faces things