A Surreal Painting... My Mother My Sun My Moon

A Digital Mom Painting.. My Mother My Sun My Moon

Mother, my mother, your mother, our mother. Mother Earth. Every mother everywhere. Symbolized by the strength of granite, the fire of the sun, the guidance of the moon, and the ferocity of the lionfish. {pinit} 
All my thoughts while I was making this painting were about my own mom and the years she dedicated to caring for her children, which, were really most of her life.

Originally, this artwork began as a little pencil sketch I did while hanging out with a mother friend of mine at a Hyde Park Bakery and Cafe in Austin. We'd go down and play our guitars together at the Elizabeth Nay Museum creek and she would bring her daughter along with us. One day it struck me how I had never really considered all the days that my own mom had done that for me, along with all my siblings.

The granite symbolizes the foundation of motherhood, the immovable instinct and conviction every mother has toward caring for their children. It's pointed underneath to reflect how it may hurt, it may hurt you or me, what a mother has to endure to be a mother -

To stand upon this foundation - The foundation of motherhood in my mind is almost a universe in itself, a creation of its own gravity, hovering and protecting us through time, space, and beyond our own imagined eyes.




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My Mother, My Sun, My Moon



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