A Surreal Mystical Photo, Mysterious Waterline

Landscape Infrared 35mm .. Mysterious Waterline

Mysterious waterline where a ghostly apparition pharoe Mother Mary figure will appear. Photo Art by Miko Arts Zen Landscape {pinit} 
On one of my getaway walks through Hyde Park in Austin, I decided to venture over to one of my favorite haunts, the landmark home of one of Texas' most amazing turn-of-last-century sculptors, Elisabet Ney. 

This particular lovely Texas Autumn day, I pulled my 35mm Minolta out of my bag and decided to take some slides using the roll of Infrared Black and White film I just bought. I'd never used infrared film, and even though I didn't have optical light filtering lenses, I thought that there might be enough contrasts and heat differences in the landscape to make something interesting happen on film.

I snapped an entire roll from Elisabet Ney's musuem backyard. I took pictures of the trees and shrubs, the stone creek foot bridge, and different parts of the creek. This one particular shot wasn't one that I thought was important other than the fact that something about it drew my intuition nearer. It would be several weeks later I would turn it sideways and see the apparition which was beginning to make themselves apparent, in this mysterious waterline.



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Mysterious Waterline


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