A Surreal Hair Photo, Nuclear Wendi

Mushroom Cloud Infrared 35mm .. Nuclear Wendi

Nuclear Wendi Surreal Mushroom Cloud Atom Bomb Poetic BW Monochrome Woman Portrait Photo Art by Miko Arts Zen Portrait Article 1  
Exploring my third or fourth role of black and white film, Nuclear Wendi was a collaborative effort with the help of one of the most amazing and artistic baristas who ever served a cup of coffee. 

I was exploring settings on my manual Minolta 35mm camera, and she offered to help me figure out how to adjust it to take a long exposure photograph. The film I was using was black and white infrared, with a very low ISO, and my light meter was suggesting a shutter speed that was practically impossible.

Not only is a long exposure almost impossible without a tripod, infrared film mainly responds to heat, and so even my light meter would be giving incorrect readings, since the light that this film responds to isn't visible, it's the actual photons of a wavelength that we feel as heat, unlike the photons which resonate visible to our eyes. This was a daunting expedition into a crazy artistically quantum night!

She helped me set up my camera on a tea pot with the lid open, and use folded napkins on the bar to adjust the camera's angle while she sat for several takes. 

Not only a rockstar barista at a 24 hour coffee house, but she would be immortalized as one of my most memorable models, sitting for a 15 second exposure, in natural light, while the camera's little whirring shutter clicked and then buzzed down, while the tiny little mirror and shutter moved aside and let in all the photons of energy composing her surreal form. An astonishing mushroom cloud, like a solemn atom bomb, resonating solitary beauty and light, all while her faerie sits safely beneath her shining, radiant locks.



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Nuclear Wendi



Style: Conceptual, Portraiture, Documentary
Medium: Photo
Subject: Fantasy, Portrait, Women
Emotions: Joy, Serenity, Interest, Inspiration, Awe, Satisfaction, Desire

Hi! I'm Miko, and thank you for checking out my artwork!

I've been painting, practicing photography, 

Miko in art studio working on triptych painting called "Promethea," a three part oil painting ocean series.and I've been doing commercial work for businesses and musicans for over 20 years. I've been drawing ever since gradeschool, and have never been let down from the daily practice of making art. My passion for creativity has led me naturally into sharing what I paint and photograph with the world, first through just drawings for friends, and eventually, into Art Shows I learned to produce and promote to sell my original paintings.

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