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Phoenix Rising, Galaxy

Rebirth is sometimes completely invisible to everything but that part of us existing between dimensions itself, that part of us that walks the sideways lines between the intricate fractal strings of the interleaving parallel universes themselves.

A Watercolor & Digital Painting .. Phoenix Rising

A Phoenix rising into the sky's darkness, alight and afire with the energies of cosmological rebirth.  

Where rebirth happens instantaneously or even backwards in time, where we are fire through curved space, traveling in any direction whatsoever, unbound like stars and quasars - Going anywhere at all within the universe, to reclaim our ever evolving soul.

This is one of my earliest one-line drawings turned into watercolor painting, then turned into a fractal apparition of galaxy between the finest infinities of lines that make up the fiery feathers of this marvelous creature transforming itself in flight.



Get a Print Art Gift of this Galactic Phoenix Painting,
Phoenix Rising (Galaxy)