My Artistic Photography

Taking pictures is a way I practice my intuition and composition. I feel a deep connection between photographs and art. 

I hope you enjoy, and, if you have any questions or inquires, reach out on
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Betwixt of Taos, a Bridge Photo

One of the most breathtaking human things to experience if you're road tripping about New Mexico, somewhere in the betweens of Santa Fe and the border of Colorado, is the Taos Gorge Bridge. On this roadtrip I hiked it a bit, finding a spot which gave me just a thousandth-percent view of its genuine epic breadth, hovering over the mighty Rio Grand river. 

Sunlight Solace, a Butterfly Photo

Walking about the garden to water and train some Loofah vines, I noticed this butterfly checking out the spread of bright blossoming flowers excitedly drinking from the sun's abundant light. For just a few seconds, it all but checked out, landed, and then departed, a little loofah flower who got to be its solace for just a Summer's second...

Road Budz, a Highway Dog Pic

Two close pals are seasoned conniseurs of the Great American Highway - The must've seen chases, they must have seen break-downs, who knows all else? In this brief moment, we three got to see each other, appreciating the brief moment of recognition from one road-tripping obvserver, to another!

Martian Monday, a UFO House Pic

Mondays really aren't supposed to be other worldly, so when I took a wrong turn heading to Duran's Pharmacy for a mineral water, I was a bit surprised to realize I was face to face with the world famous Spaceship House, parked on a pitstop between its stellar journeys today, just a bit East of the heart of Albuquerque.

Garden Angel, a Spider Photo

Pumpkin patches and gourds in the Cucurbiticae family seem the most rugged of all veggies, but they've got a tender spot, their base stalks which squashbugs love to snack on. This lovely creature, the Orb Spider seen in this photo, is the Guardian of the Garden, making sure Halloween is repleat with all the Cucurbiticae babies the vine can handle. 

Rainbow Ukulele, an Urban Photo

This cat's seen probably close to a million people during the time they've been playing their trusty little ukulele on Central Avenue, right across from the university in Albuquerque New Mexico. Always a sight for sore eyes, but, most especially a sight for exploring eyes! If you're hunting a cup of coffee in the 505, keep a lookout for this musical icon!

Southwest Swirl, a Scenic Photo

The first time experiencing the Southwest, is every day of your life, because it's endlessly vast - The open view for hundreds of miles in all directions, and the swirls of clouds and mountains and grasses. One lucky Greyhound >shutter-click!< caught just a glimpse of the infinite beauty and expansiveness, which truly is, the Southwest.

DeLuxurious Morning, a Classic Car Pic

This particular magic morning going for a coffee-shop stroll through Santa Fe near the State Capitol, I had no idea I'd wander by a magestic Plymouth De Luxe Fastback basking in the parking lot tree shade, obviously in the care of a very lucky mechanic! What a regal piece of classic machinery! 

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