A Surreal Mirror Painting, The Precious Flower of Hope

An Ink Painting.. The Precious Flower of Hope

The Hope that exists in all our lives and the perspective when we realize that we are separate, yet innately connected to the candle of life that burns within us. {pinit} 
is an ink painting I made thinking about the little vintage mirror my mom had on her night stand. 

I looked at that little mirror every day of my childhood, sitting on her vanity, on days when I'd be rushing off to school and other days when I'd be dropping in her room to hang out with her and chew the fat about whatever was going on in the family that day or anything else that was going on, which, being that there were sometimes eight or nine of us running around at any given time, really, could have been anything. 

Her little mirror was in the family's estate stuff I helped organize after our dad died, and I just by some strange happenchance was the person that helped move and open that box for the sale. It shocked me, seeing it suddenly after so many years, and in the middle of this strange moment in an even stranger day, having flown halfway across the United States to help close a family estate - An ocean of memories came back to me, about my mom, in those precious moments of childhood that, very much like those boxes, can easily get buried and lost forever.





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The Precious Flower of Hope

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