An Arctic Tern Painting, Sensing Breakthrough (Dawn)

Acrylic Painting of an Arctic Tern.. Sensing Breakthrough

Arctic Tern Bird Flying Painting Art by Miko MikoArts 900

is a sense of light, a sense of knowing, everything in this very moment aspiring to cross an infinite divide.

This little bird flies around the world, and have the longest journeys of migration amongst the entire known animal kingdom. Living up to thirty years, and possibly longer, such an amazing winged creature was one of the first animals I wanted to really try to paint, in a more realistic way.

Favorited google images of wingspans and details of feathers were the first thing that caught my eye, but when I began learning about the one particular bird who's spirited launch had caught my eye, I began feeling extremely lucky that google images had sorted itself at that very moment when I chose to paint, what I now feel, is definitely a spirit animal of creative people everywhere. 




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Sensing Breakthrough

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