A Feminine Energy Painting, Woman in Love

A Painting of Femininity.. Woman in Love

Myriad forms of fire and red intermingle through sweeping cascades of hair and silhouettes, to reveal a kaleidoscope of female figures, ultimately embodying the fractal infinite faces and forces of a woman in love. {pinit} 
is almost a diary entry of a lifetime of experiencing the passions of the women in my own family, their loves and heartaches and trials and tribulations, their hunger for the expressive arts, their aching and longing for their own partners, their mystical yearnings and explorations.

Seventeen different of my female abstract, impressionistic, and surreal portraits compose Woman in Love: A Thousand Strands of Her Hair, Dancer Spirit, Uncovered Faces, All the Poems for Her, Momma's Light, Sorceress, Princess Butterfly, River of Dream, Sophia (Tibetan Mix), Ascent of Water, Magdeline, Still Life with Guitar, Eris at the Gates of Olympus, Maelstrom, Mistress of the Waterline, Terra Materna, and That Beautiful Thing. 

Each tell their own story of the same mystical source of mystery and power that inspires and enlightens creativity, onward into the rich and mysterious future.




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Woman in Love


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