A Spanish Guitarist Portrait, Woman in Song

An Acrylic Painting.. Woman in Song

A guitar playing woman sits transfixed with her beloved Spanish Gypsy soul-mate guitar in her lap, eyes closed while finding the perfect next note to accompany her song {pinit} 
Eyes closed, her fingers relax and recline, and behind her eyes notes entwine, feeling for the perfect place to start her song.

Giving in to the rich alluring swirls of colors of her life, letting patterns of her memories mix and play with sensations of her fingertips on the guitar neck, feeling the hungry hollow of the instrument anticipate her pluck of string.

She holds and presses, rhythm surrounds and encircles, patterns behind eyes become alive and leaves emerge from hidden ground while the very first song breaks ground and spreads its leaves to the sunlight of her ears, this Woman in Song.




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Woman in Song


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